My Books

My novels range in genre from humorous adventure to magical realism to cross-species friendship. They all have a common theme: the power of imagination and persistence.

I enjoy learning new things whenever I write. My non-fiction topics have included the Underground Railroad, Meteor Showers, Land Forms, and Infinity. I love doing research for my novels–whether that means hiking the woods of Vermont, studying incantation bowls, or reading about the intelligence of African grey parrots. Fiction isn’t just about feelings; it’s about the fascinating world we live in.


My books have received these honors: 

  • Iowa Children’s Choice Finalist 2016
  • Kansas State Reading Circle 2015
  • CCBC Best Books of the Year (University of Wisconsin) 2014
  • World Magazine Best Books of the Year 2014
  • National Reading Recovery Best Books of the Year 2014
  • Tri State Review Committee Best Books of the Year 2014
  • Nominee Bank Street Children’s Book Award 2012
  • Nominee Allegheny County PA Children’s Choice Awards 2012