School Visits and Appearances

Sharing my experiences with kids and adults is one of my favorite parts about being a writer. I’ve given keynote speeches, library talks, and led conference workshops, but my favorite is a classroom visit. After speaking with students all over the country, I’m pleased to say that kids are ALWAYS interested in stories and ideas.

A great session with young writers in Brooklyn

“Jane Kelley is an author extraordinaire and a fantastic library guest! Kids love her!” –Amanda Clarke, School Librarian, Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies

“Jane Kelley’s visit to our 4th, 5th and 6th graders was terrific. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, Ms. Kelley shared her writing story with students. Bringing her audience with her through the creative process, she offered students a glimpse into the magical mix that results in an engaging, age-appropriate adventure. Further magic happens after she departs: copies of her books fly off the shelves into readers’ hands! What a great experience~ come again, Jane Kelley! Our door is always open.” –Susan Westover, School Librarian, Brooklyn New School

“Thank you so much for your time and inspiring words. The students and I will never forget this experience.” –Ms. Julia Oschwald, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

A mother-daughter book group.


(Can be geared to readers and writers of all ages.)

  • What are YOUR Super Powers? 
  • Stop Look and Listen–The Key to Revision 
  • Finding and Amplifying Voice 
  • Connecting Ideas 
  • The Story of a Book– from its first inspiration all the way to publication
  • Reading and Empathy–How Inhabiting a Character Enriches Your Story and Your Life
  • Mary Jemison: Captive in the French and Indian War
  • The Power of the Blank Page and the Importance of Persistence

Skype sessions are free to groups who have read my books.

Workshops are $150 per session or $300 for three sessions, plus travel expenses.

I’ll travel anywhere–this book talk was given in a yurt in Vermont!